4 not-to-be-missed winter events!

4 not-to-be-missed winter events!
December 14 2016

No question of hibernating in Vaudreuil-Soulanges

Winter is the time to get out there and take in all of what nature has to offer. It is the season to be creative with your family, building forts, igloos, making snowmen, to see those smiles on your children’s faces and creating lasting memories. Make your mark in the snow, amaze and challenge yourself with out of the ordinary and entertaining activities. Let the warmth of your heart melt away the chill of winter.


Are you yeti for a good time?

Get yourself in the race! Do you like challenges and obstacles to overcome? Are you brave enough to crawl in the yeti’s tunnel? At the Abominable snow course in Vaudreuil-Dorion, you can push your limits navigating through the abominable winter obstacles as a family or as an individual. Enchanting snow covered forest, dragging a Christmas tree, sliding down the hill or climbing up the giant snow covered steps. You’ll need to bring you’re A game, but the fun is included! 

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Do sports and come out winning from winter!

Are you over 16 years old? Why don’t you put on your hockey equipment and become a superstar for a day in a friendly or competitive game. Jump onto the ice during the Subzero outdoor hockey tournaments in Ile Perrot and Hudson. Who knows, if your team has what it takes, you may be able hoist the cup!

hockey sport hiver

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Everybody is getting snow fever!

Winter is also a great time to gather up and have fun. In Rigaud, you’ll get the opportunity at the Glisse et Réglisse Festival. The crazy activities will dazzle your senses. For its second year, come and see the Festival’s transparent and beautiful ice sculptures. With your friends and family, come and skate under the radiant winter sun. With fireworks, shows and ski-mobile, this event will make you forget the winter cold.

hiver plaisir famille rigaud sport chaleur musique

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Mont Rigaud goes Boom!

Have a blast on the mountain. Come to Mont Rigaud ski resort.  Put on your best costume and come party at the Le boom des NeigesOpen to all, this fabulous activity will please everybody. From the summit, slide down at ludicrous speeds. Take part in an enchanting sleigh ride while sampling maple taffy on snow. You’ll discover again, how sweet winter can be.

hiver plaisir famille ski événement rigaud

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This winter, the whole family gets a move on

Obviously, winter fun isn’t just for kids! Breathe that clean crisp air, admire the brilliant snowflakes in the powdery snow, feel the sun’s warm glow on your face.  Just as the cold, the ice and snow are a part of our Quebec winters, taking part in the fun, the activities and festivals are the key to a great winter season.

In 2017, come and live winter in Vaudreuil-Soulanges!

Translation : Marc Bedard

Marie-Belle Ouellet

Marie-Belle Ouellet

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