The Richard Family explores Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot

The Richard Family explores Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot
July 19 2017

The adventure starts here at the intersection of the town of Notre-Dame-de-L’Ile-Perrot, the blue West Island sky and Lake St. Louis, which surrounds the beautiful and exciting region of Vaudreuil-Soulanges!

It’s in these moments, when we escape the tasks of daily life, that we find true freedom, let go, and capture lasting souvenirs by living to the fullest and creating stories that we can share with our loved ones.

For all the adventurers out there- get ready, get set and go!


First stop: La Perrot Damoise

The simple pleasure of savouring life is always better in good company!

The Richard family was welcomed with kindness and generosity in the flowering gardens of la Perrot Damoise by Lina, owner and host of this exceptional inn. Her attention and sympathetic ear immediately melted the hearts of each and every family member. Her inn and its old-fashioned charm really made them feel like they were back at home. Each room bears the name of a founding regional family, and the Richard girls laughed to recognize the names of some of their school friends!

The Richard family spent their time at La Perrot Damoise eating, chatting, laughing, and truly enjoying the simple pleasures of spending time together. It was an early night, though- the next day, the adventure really began.

les richard perrot damoise

Second stop: La Pointe-du-Moulin & Nautical center

A little taste of history

As they explored this lovely highlight of Notre-Dame-de-l’Île-Perrot, the Richards got a first-hand look of the region’s heritage through the historic mill, the old miller’s house, set amongst rich greenery and marshland surrounded by beautiful lake vistas. Before long, it was time to gather by the fire and cook up a local recipe; the Richard girls learned how to make molasses cookies the old-fashioned way!

It was a challenge to build the fire and bake the cookies to perfection, but it was so much fun that everyone took part. The fire was merry and the cookies were ready to eat in no time at all. The bottom of the cookies were burnt black, but Nathalie, the girls’ mother, reassured them that next time, the cookies would be perfect! The family gobbled up the cookies, burnt bottoms and all, getting a real taste of what life was like in the days when the mill still turned. The girls loved trying their hand at baking over an open flame, making the activity a success despite the challenges.

There is always an extraordinary way to relive history at the Pointe-du-Moulin.

pointe du moulin kinescope

A breath of fresh air

Let’s go! It’s time for a stop at the NDIP nautical center. The family was overjoyed to hop into a family-sized canoe (a rabaska) to experience something they rarely get to try. The Richard family is a big one and it is difficult to find something that they can all do together; the great big canoe fit all six of them! They took turns steering and leading the rest of the family on their nautical adventure. So many paddles in the water made the going slow, but it didn’t matter because everyone was laughing so much!

Lake St. Louis had something for everyone that day- the thinkers in the family were lulled by the gentle rolling of the waves and sunshine, while the more energetic family members got in a full workout (and splashed the others in the process!). As they paddled along, they watched the larger boats further out in the lake. Together in one canoe, the Richard felt a deep connection to each other.

kinescope centre nautique

Third stop: Quinn Farm

Tasty fruits and a fun-filled barn

The first thing the girls noticed upon arrival was the huge barn full of animals. They rushed over to admire the sheep, pigs, hens, and rabbits. They were so excited to show their mother what they found, and together they ran their hands through the soft fleece of the sheep. Patrick named one sheep Gaston and thought he would look extra cool with a pair of sunglasses- the sheep patiently sported the shades. It was a vision of a family having fun, complete with big smiles and laugh-out-loud moments.

Like most of us, the Richard family loves the berries and other fruit growing at Quinn Farm. After visiting the animals, the family took a tractor ride to the strawberry fields and filled their baskets.

To end this perfect visit, the Richards browsed the farm’s boutique for local products, finally choosing the farm’s homemade pumpkin cookies. It was a great snack for the hungry girls.

 ferme quinn kinescope

Last stop: Le Gelato des Mésanges

Sweet treats for all!

For Clémence and Philomène, this was the best part of the journey- their sweet tooth was satisfied. Agathe and Ophélie chose the gourmet route and picked desserts designed for those who like the finer things. It was Patrick, though, who got the biggest treat: four scoops of ice cream covered in chocolate sauce. Nathalie kept it simple with a fresh raspberry sorbet.

A stop at Gelato des Mésanges was the cherry on top of a long, exciting day in the sun!

 gelato pour kinescope

Through the eyes of an every-day family…

The Richard family brought the warm breeze of summer as they explored Notre Dame-de-L’Ile-Perrot. Each member of the family rediscovered the beauty of this part of the island, so what are you waiting for? Follow in their footsteps, and have your own adventure!

Explorez la deuxième sortie des Richard ICI! 

Marie-Belle Ouellet

Marie-Belle Ouellet

Rédactrice, écrivaine et poète, Marie-Belle Ouellet manie les mots avec finesse afin de composer des contenus rédactionnels audacieux. Son baccalauréat en études littéraires profil création lui a permis d'acquérir des compétences clés. Collaborant à des projets corporatifs, créatifs et artistiques de toutes sortes, elle participe également au dévoilement de la splendeur de sa région : Vaudreuil-Soulanges.

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