The Richard family explores… the shores of Lake Saint-François and Rigaud’s forest

The Richard family explores… the shores of Lake Saint-François and Rigaud’s forest
July 20 2017

Part two of the Richard family adventures! Their fun-loving natures are equalled only by their great spirits, and it’s vacation time, so let’s follow them as they see even more of what Vaudreuil-Soulanges has to offer.

First stop: Coteau-du-Lac Historical Park

It’s time to step back into history and see what life was like for captains, seigneurs, and farmers. The Richards dressed in period costume and were treated to a guided tour of the site. In the blockhouse of the lieu historique national de Coteau-du-Lac , the family learned about the inner workings of a revolutionary fort- they even got to load the cannon! One after the other, they blocked their ears and waited for the boom! of historic artillery. Next to the waterfall, Patrick and his daughter Ophélie stood side by side, dreaming of the days when boats plied the river. A rustic picnic on the site’s grounds capped off the lovely visit.

lieu historique kinescope coteau du lac

Second stop : Soulanges cycling path

Starting from Coteau-du-Lac, the Richards got on their bicycles and hit the Soulanges bike path that runs along the canal of the same name. The beautiful architecture of the locks and old buildings are a testament to the development and history of the region’s maritime roots.

The Richards are full of energy, and decided to make a quick detour to see the Petit Pouvoir des Cèdres, a charming miniature castle that made them feel like they were transported to Europe. There is nothing better than biking across a beautiful landscape and getting exercise as a family!

The bicycles carried the family past forests, fields, rivers, canals, and the lake, offering unique points of view that can’t be seen from the car window!

piste cyclable soulanges kinescope

Third stop: Saint-Zotique Beach

The first thing that captures the heart when you get to Saint Zotique are the canals that border the beach-front streets. It is a remarkable town that recalls the charms of Venice.

It is time for the Richards to take advantage of the hot weather by hitting the beach and playing in the water. A quick snack for the kids and a dip in the clear waters of Lake St. Francois was perfect, especially for swimming champ Ophélie! The Richard parents relaxed on the sand while the girls used up their boundless energy in the lake hours of swimming. Paddle-boating, naps beneath the plastic palms, and games of all sorts- there is no way to get bored on the shores of Saint Zotique beach.

plage saint zotique kinescope

Fourth stop: Choisy Campground

On to the camp site at camping Choisy! The girls couldn’t wait to get there to play mini-golf, go on the inflatable games, and try out the pool! Clémence, only seven years old, was overjoyed to learn that she is a mini-golf pro! Next, it was time for the giant trampoline; the girls had a blast performing acrobatic tricks for the crowd. Hot and sweaty, the girls headed to the pool to cool off, while Natalie et Patrick relaxed by the adults-only pool.

The family then grabbed the mini-train to get to their campsite, where they set up the tent and got settled. In the heart of nature, the family felt welcome and excited for a night under the stars. The Poirier family, who own the site, always look after the needs and comfort of their campers.

camping choisy kinescope

Fifth stop: Arbraska

The Richard family find the place where the sky and the trees meet on the slopes of Mont Rigaud, at Arbraska. It was a great experience for the girls, who fearlessly explored the tree-tops. They felt as though they were flying through the branches and leaves as light as a feather on the wind. Natalie and Patrick were just as exhilarated, feeling like kids once again, even if they were a little scared of heights!

The group then headed to the new Arbre-en-ciel village, a spectacular tree-top park that is every kid’s dream. The sky is the limit in this park full of nets, observatories, and slides; the girls worked on their tree-climbing skills while they fully indulged their imaginations.

arbraska kinescope

Through the eyes of an every-day family:

Exploring the past, exercising, facing challenges, relaxing (for the parents, at least!), the Richard family experienced it all on their second adventure in Vaudreuil-Soulanges!

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Marie-Belle Ouellet

Marie-Belle Ouellet

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