The Beginnings of Bing Bang!

The Beginnings of Bing Bang!
July 31 2019 at 7:00pm to 8:30pm

Trace the evolution of rhythms through musical traditions from around the world!

It’s a big day for Marton and Bruno, the two percussive buddies. The first has an audition on the drums the same day and must be able to play a variety of rhythms from different parts of the world; the second participates in a great multicultural parade and does not know which instruments to choose so much there are possibilities. Both of them will brainstorm very intensely before our eyes … and in our ears! They will explore all kinds of percussion – cajon, claves, surdo, bodhran, djembe – and all kinds of countries and regions of the world – Peru, Brazil, Cuba, Ireland, the United States, Africa … without forget about Quebec!

In case of rain, shows will be presented at the Salle de l’Amitié, Paul Brasseur Building – 10, rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste Est

Bring your chair.


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