Excursion on the St. Lawrence River

Excursion on the St. Lawrence River
August 18 2019

Aboard the electric river shuttle, the Municipality of Cedars invites you to discover its history. It is the ghost of Pierre-Jacques Joybert-de-Soulanges, husband of Anne Bécart, founder of the municipality, who will welcome you and guide you through the ages.

You’ll learn about the Curies, the Rapids Prince ship, yesterday’s and today’s hydroelectric power station, the Little Power, the railroad and much more. In the context of complementarity of the River Excursion, the heritage circuit is a walking tour telling the historical facts of the village of Les Cèdres by a guide-facilitator.

Reservations are required for this tour. All the information about the schedule and pricing can be found on the city’s website.

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