Get the family moving for a good cause

Get the family moving for a good cause
November 17 2017

It’s the 4th Annual Vaudreuil-sur- le-Lac Guignolée!

Run to support a good cause

Did you know that right here in Vaudreuil-Soulanges, there’s a race will make you feel twice as good when you cross the finish line? Are you an athletic person who loves taking part in challenges with your family and friends (and supporting local charities while you’re at it?) Now is the time to get outside before the cold, snow, ice, and holiday hustle and bustle hit, because the Guignolée Run & Walk is fast approaching!

It’s the 4th year for this fun event, which takes place in lovely Vaudreuil-sur- le-Lac on November 26. Don’t miss it!

Give back to yourself and others

The holidays season is only weeks away, so why not take the time to be healthy and give back to those in the community who need extra help? Unlike many of us, who will be spending a cozy December with friends and family, there are those who do not have the option of a warm Christmas full of good food and special moments. By taking part in the Guignolée Race, you’re helping make sure that everyone, no matter what their circumstances, gets a gift this year.

Give happiness a helping hand

The race will take you, your family, and friends through the charming village of Vaudreuil-sur- le-Lac. Whether you run or walk, this opportunity to help others will bring joy, happiness, and warmth inside and out.

The 5 km race for runners over 12 starts at 10:15 a.m., for only $15/person. The 1 km for those with children under 12 starts at 11:15 a.m., for $5/person. After the race, participants will receive a snack and medals for those who ran the 1 k.m.!

It’s not much to pay for a great family activity that brings holiday joy to all! By coming out, you are offering a helping hand to those in need, as all profits will go to the Guignolée de Vaudreuil.

November 26 Schedule:

10 a.m., City Hall parking lot: Warm-up for runners in the 5 km race.

10:15 a.m.: 5 km race starts

11 a.m., City Hall parking lot: Warm up for the 1 km course participants

11:15 a.m.: 1 km race starts

11:30 a.m., Community Centre: Post-race snack

12:00 p.m.: Medal Ceremony for 1 km race participants

2 p.m.: End of event

**************Call for Volunteers!****************

Recreation Services is looking for volunteers to encourage the runners and provide security for the event. To join our team, contact Michel Lacerte, volunteer coordinator and owner of Benefix Sport, at

Traduced from French by Stephanie Azran

Marie-Belle Ouellet

Marie-Belle Ouellet

Rédactrice, écrivaine et poète, Marie-Belle Ouellet manie les mots avec finesse afin de composer des contenus rédactionnels audacieux. Son baccalauréat en études littéraires profil création lui a permis d'acquérir des compétences clés. Collaborant à des projets corporatifs, créatifs et artistiques de toutes sortes, elle participe également au dévoilement de la splendeur de sa région : Vaudreuil-Soulanges.

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