Montreal Live steamers trains miniatures
Montreal Live steamers trains miniatures

Montreal Live Steamers

Les Cèdres

Small trains, big dreams!

Montreal Live Steamers will be closed to the public for the 2020 season.

Montreal Live Steamers is a club passionate about miniature trains. This non-profit group is dedicated to building miniature live-steam locomotive and putting them out on the rails. This is a unique experience in the region and a well-guarded secret!

In good weather, the club opens its doors to those who share a passion for trains. Rediscover the joys of childhood by plunging into the universe of mini trains, where you can even try your hand at being an engineer!

Contact information

1396, chemin du Fleuve
Les Cèdres (Quebec)  J7T 1K3

Opening period

May to September

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