Anis et marjolaine restaurant bistro
Anis et Marjolaine

Anis & Marjolaine


When originality tastes good!

What are anis and marjolaine? Not the owners, but the two favourite herbs of of Alvaro, the chef and owner of this St. Lazare bistro. Café-bistro Anis et Marjolaine is a charming and casual spot where guests are treated to well-priced meals inspired by rich Mediterranean flavours. Alvaro and his team are also proud to offer catering services for small events or big banquets.

Pasta, sandwiches, and other gourmet dishes are waiting for you to taste them. Try Anis et Marjolaine for a unique and delicious cuisine that will please young and old alike.

Grab your forks!

Contact information

2027, chemin Ste-Angélique
Saint-Lazare (Quebec)  J7T 2Y5
450 424-9898

Opening period

January to December

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