Circuit des Écossais

Circuit des Écossais


A calm and welcoming 25 km ride along the Delisle River, the Scots Circuit (Circuit des Écossais) runs through peaceful wooded and rural landscapes, once settled by immigrants from Scotland. Years ago, when the Delisle ran higher, it was the site of numerous saw, flour, and tanning mills.

Following the river, you will pass through the town of Saint-Polycarpe, and further on in Sainte-Justine-de-Newton, you will arrive at Peveril. Back in the day, Peveril was an important commercial site, and today one can find the ruins of the old water mill. Thanks to the Scottish influence, this area of the region boasts long drives leading up to English-style houses. A little further up the road, in Dalhousie, you will come across an abandoned Protestant church- an excellent place for a break. Not far from that, at the intersection of Saint-Georges and route 325, take a glance at one of the last one-room schoolhouses still operating in Quebec.

Another benefit of the Scots Circuit is that it leads you to some great waterfront sites, like Saint-Zotique Beach, the Les Coteaux wharf, and the Parks Canada historical site in Coteau-du-Lac. It is here that construction started on North America’s first canal. You will reach the end of the loop 5 km later, making the Scot’s Circuit a total of 73 km.

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Coteau-du-Lac (Quebec)  J0P 1B0

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