Alpagas petite cote
Alpagas petite côte

Les Alpagas de la Petite Côte


Expect a warm and furry welcome

Les Alpagas de la Petite Côte is an agricultural business and craft studio specializing in alpaca wool textiles.

Locally-sourced and transformed, The quality of the finished product, spun and woven by hand in Eastern Canada, starts with careful selection of the best alpacas, raised under the highest standards.

They are the expert in the sorting and grading of alpaca fibre and trains other fibre producers.

Contact information

chemin Saint-Louis
Saint-Lazare (Quebec)  J7V 8P2
514 235-2729

Opening period

All year long

Good to know

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Reservations required
  • Guided tour
  • French, English

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